In-house production in Spain

We investigate and innovate to create unique padel rackets making a difference in the market. We believe in what we do and we are committed to our production.

StarVie Factory

The StarVie factory opened its doors in 2013 in the Azuqueca de Henares in Guadalajara, Spain. After years of investment and work, we currently produce more than 30,000 rackets per year.

Local production in Spain

We manufacture in Spain, boosting local industry and generating quality employment.

We have highly-specialized workers who are involved in 99% of the manufacturing process.

From the beginning

We create our rackets from the very beginning: from the selection of materials and racket moulds to the racket’s finish and the assembly of the string, the lid and the handle.

In total, the manufacturing process of a StarVie racket is divided into 9 stages. Depending on the model, it takes between 10 and 15 days to be finished.

Handmade process

We produce our rackets according to a meticulous traditional process—excluding the racket holes, which are produced through a CNC drill.

This allows us to have an exhaustive control of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the product quality and improving our efficiency and competitivity.

Quality management 

Since 2017, the StarVie production was granted quality certificates regarding the environmental management of the factory (ISO 14001:2015) and its control system (ISO 9001:2015).

Qualified providers

We are very proud to rely on providers who guarantee that the materials we use have the best technical specifications. We work with different companies from all over Europe and America.

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