Get to know all the characteristics of the StarVie padel racket R 9.2 DRS Carbon Aluminium Soft 2017

StarVie Padel Racket, Aluminium line

The StarVie padel racket R 9.2 DRS Carbo Aluminium Soft features the latest technology Aramida Tech, using fibres with high thermal resistance, the frame gives the highest performance with increased durability.

It has a modern aesthetic, silver in design with touches of orange, giving the racket a clean finish with a star on the head surface.

the StarVie padel racket R9.2 DRS Carbon Aluminium Soft 2017

Characteristics of the R 9.2 Carbon Aluminium Soft Racket

It has a round shape with the sweet spot in the centre of the racket head. Weight 350-380 grams. The composition of aluminium fibres together with layers of carbon fibre provide this racket with great power but at the same time control and versatility. The details of the star relief (2mm) on the face of the racket allows the player to execute shots with extra precision.

The density of the foam is soft giving enhanced comfort and control during your game. The ‘Hollow’ system of holes amplifies the sweet spot but at the same time giving the best control. The DRS, the piece situated in the centre of the racket, provides the aerodynamism and the best centralised weight distribution.

The R 9.2 Aluminium is a perfectly balanced racket designed for technically demanding players who are looking to balance their game with the perfect power and control.

Like all StarVie rackets, the R 9.2 Carbon Alunimium Soft is designed and made in Spain, using the best materials and craftsmanship to offer you the highest quality products on the market.

The Padel Racket of StarVie’s Mapi S. Alayeto

This racket is the ‘weapon’ of choice for Mapi S.Alayeto, one of the Atomic Twins and current  world number 1, she has chosen this racket to win many victories. Want to know what made her chose this model? Watch the video below.


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