how heat affects your padel racket?

Surely you have asked yourself sometimes if the change in temperature can affect the padel rackets and if they take on a different characteristics in summer and winter. The reality is that the epoxi resin, the material that they use to ‘cook’ the padel rackets, is affected by the changes in temperature and thus it makes the behaviour of the racket vary depending on the season.

The epoxi resin is the material with which they mould the padel rackets to ensure their high performance and excellent properties. It gives the racket high thermal resistance, high adhesive power and maximum resilience.

One of its main characteristics is the Tg (the glass transition temperature), the transition parametre that makes the behavioural change in the epoxi resin.

We understand the Tg as the intermediate point between the molten state and the solid state of the material. This means that if you expose the racket to high temperatures, the closer the material is to its molten state, the closer it is to losing its specific mechanical properties. The heat can make the racket softer and also lose some of its spring and strength.

In this way, you have to take into account that the rackets of medium density (hard rubber) and those of soft density will be softer in the summer and harder in the winter.


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Tips to avoid the temperature changes affecting your racket.

The best way to avoid any loss of performance in your racket in summer as well as in winter is to remember these easy and simple tips that will make your racket feel like new and last longer.

  • Very important, don’t leave your racket in the car boot in the summer months so as not to expose it to high temperatures (it can reach temperatures of 50 degrees) even if it is in a racket bag with thermal protection.
  • During the winter months it is also recommended that you don’t leave it near radiators or other heaters.
  • Always keep it in your racket bag, and is the bag has thermal protection, much better!
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