How to volley from the right in padel: advice from Hernán ‘Bebe’ Auguste

Hernán Auguste, better known as ‘Bebe’, has been and will be forever one the legends of padel. In 2012, at 42 years old, he decided to retire from professional padel after being World Champion eight times and holding number one in the rankings for four consecutive years, as well as having achieved numerous other accolades.

volley from the right in padel with Hernán Bebe Auguste

What is a right-hand volley?

A right-hand volley is one of the basic shots and most characteristic of padel, but at the same time one of the most complicated technically.

This shot is taken close to the net without the ball bouncing. It requires a fast reaction due to the proximity of the player to the net and the opponent and the speed of the ball.

Below, ex-player Hernán ‘Bebe’ Auguste shows you the correct position for the shot, how to hold the racket and execute the right-hand volley successfully.

Key tips to perfect the right-hand volley, according to Hernán ‘Bebe’ Auguste

  • The tip of the racket should be held upwards with the handle end towards the ground.
  • The racket should never be behind the line of the shoulder.
  • The point of impact has to be in front of the body and at head-height.
  • The body must move with the ball to give more force to the shot.

Below is one of the best players in the world demonstrating how to execute one of his preferred shots step by step, the right-hand volley.


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