Lotto sport padel clothing available on StarVie website

In 2020 Lotto Sport Italia became StarVie‘s technical sponsor for the next three years. Thus, the Italian company leader in the manufacture and distribution of footwear, clothing and accessories was in charge of dressing the more than 50 professional players of the brand.

Now the Spanish padel brand will incorporate Lotto padel clothing for men and women onto its official website from 18th April.


Lotto padel Superrapida line

All the products belong to the Superrapida line, Lotto’s specific clothing dedicated to all padel players from amateurs to professionals, which is characterised by the style and functionality of its garments. The textured polyester fabrics ensure a professional and dynamic look, to dominate in game and style. The line is available for men and women in the same colour palette so you can mix and match your outfits!

It is the same sports kit that StarVie’s professional players wear during tournaments. The collection is divided into four sports shirts for men and two pairs of shorts, for women there are four playing shirts and two skirts. 

In addition, the Superrapida line features specific technologies in its garments. The men’s t-shirts and women’s t-shirts and skirts include Deep Dry: a fabric with a fast-drying capacity, while avoiding any kind of humidity. The characteristics of the fibres combined with the structure of the fabric favour rapid absorption.

In the same way, the men’s shorts incorporate 4-way stretch technology: an ideal fabric for sports, which combines quick-drying with maximum 4-way stretch, providing a satisfying feeling of freshness and complete freedom of movement.

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