New StarVie Carbon Colours 3K Technology

StarVie launches the Carbon Colours 3K technology in three of its models for 2022: Metheora, Astrum and Raptor Evolution. A new material that offers increased resistance and very high playing performance.

With a design that visually differentiates it from the brand’s usual aesthetics, it has threads that make up this type of carbon fibre, which are inter-twined with Lurex threads (aluminised synthetic thread) in three different finishes: blue, gold and red.

Features Carbon Colours 3K

After months of research and development, StarVie’s R&D department confirms that the structure has been achieved thanks to the new Carbon Colours 3K technology that provides an increase in elasticity in the head of the racket and, for that, the player gets greater comfort, more sensitivity with the ball during the strike and a greater ball release.

According to the brand’s specifications, the combination of carbon fibre and Lurex that makes up the Carbon Colours 3K, reduces the feeling of stiffness in the head of the racket compared to its equivalents from the previous collection, which translates into better sensations for the amateur player.

Of course, the result is rackets that stand out for their comfort, that favour control without losing power, and all the while maintaining durability.

This technology is supported by a continuous process of prototyping and feedback between the R&D department and our professional and amateur players.


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