Revolution 360: the StarVie padelcourt arrives

We start a new and exciting partnership with Global Padel Court, a Spanish manufacturer of padel courts. Both share Made In Spain as a symbol of quality, responsibility and good craftsmanship. That is why we are joining forces to create a unique product, the StarVie padel court. A strategic collaboration that will allow us to take advantage of synergies, combine knowledge and resources, and take its range of products and services to new levels of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Together we are excited to explore new opportunities and further raise the standard of quality in the world of padel. This strategic alliance reflects our unwavering commitment to provide padel players around the world with world-class products and services that enhance their on-court experience.


StarVie court by Global Padel Court

This court has been jointly developed by the R&D department of Global Padel Court and StarVie with the aim of focusing on the safety of the player and the professionalisation of the game.

It is a 360º panoramic court, without corner pillar, leaving the field of vision completely free, which allows a game with fewer distractions and greater comfort for spectators.

The corporate colours red and white have been chosen, together with the black of the StarVie brand. It is a court that presents a lot of strength and energy, perfect for those who have a passion for padel.

It is a court that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding player, as it has reinforcement welds to withstand the impact of players against the railing, making it one of the most robust courts on the market. It also provides lighting to ensure that there are no shadows on the court, providing the perfect conditions for play. We are talking about a light intensity of 26,000, which makes it unbeatable for indoor play. Overall, the excellence of the finishes characterise any StarVie and Global padel Court product. It is truly a court designed to enjoy padel 100%!


About Global Padel Court

Global Padel Court is a Spanish company based in Valencia,  which began its adventure building courts for many different clients and for leading brands in the world of padel. After years of experience, constructing padel courts all over the world, (Morocco, Senegal, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Reunion Island, etc) the company has as strong and reliable reputation due to its standard of quality and service, ratified by being chosen by the International Padel Federation as a builder of the courts for the Seniors World Padel Championships 2024.

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