The quality of StarVie’s materials

We do padel differently. Our rackets are crafted using an intricate artisanal process in our own factory located in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara), where the high quality of our materials, and as a result, our final product and its playability, are part of our identity.

Similarly, the stake we have in R+D+i is one of the factors that sets StarVie apart from the competition. Our main aims revolve around a continuous, proactive search for new technologies and materials, while bettering the production process used to make our rackets.

All of our models are made with materials sourced from the finest European and American brands, that have come with highly specific technical data sheets detailing the behaviour and reactions of each material. This allows us to understand how these materials work together during the manufacturing process and their effect on the playability and user friendliness of the racket.

The goal is to minimise stress put on these materials due to constantly hitting shots, which maximises the racket’s longevity and durability, allowing it to withstand constant contact with external objects and boosting playability.

All of our rackets are made using the same process and high-quality materials. For this reason alone, we can assure that each and every one of our StarVie rackets boast a premium quality and category, designed to adapt to any category of player.

You’re probably asking yourself…  Why is there a difference in price amongst the models found in our collection? This difference depends on which combination of materials have been employed during the manufacturing of each racket: quantity and type of materials, staff costs, whether or not the handle is molded, type of paint applied, coving, etc…


Carbon fibre

Our strings are sewn together with carbon fibre string made by two main producers, Toray and Tenax. As a result, each weave comes with a technical data sheet that defines each aspect of its behaviour: its ability to stretch, its rebound recovery after being hit and molded and its density are measured to perfection and exact detail. This approach allows us to know how the material reacts and deals with stress in our padel rackets.

From a player’s point of view, carbon fibre gives us greater stiffness which in turn provides for greater power and shot quality when hitting the ball, especially when compared with other materials such as fibreglass, basalt or aluminium.


We are the only padel brand that uses aluminium in our racket plane. Our aluminium model comes with an aluminium laminate with an interwoven net in the form of mesh that is impregnated into our EVA Soft rubber. This combination boosts the power of your shots in a way that rubber alone simply wouldn’t be able to.

The goal is to give the racket an enhanced level of control and potential without losing its Soft racket feel.


We also stand out as the only brand that uses basalt in our rackets. Basalt, along with carbon, grants the racket a much greater durability and resistance to stress. In other words, this gives the racket a longer lifespan and prevents breakages, which helps to avoid a loss of playability features.

StarVie Rubber

We use EVA rubber designed and produced with the specific purpose of making padel rackets. This type of rubber has a great rebound, resistance to humidity and enjoys the full lifespan needed to be part of a padel racket without losing its key technical features.

Our rubber is sourced from European manufacturers that provide us with full technical details of their product in its entirety, to the same standard as our providers of carbon, basalt and aluminium. We work with a range of different rubber densities, depending on the feel and sensitivity of each racket.

SOFT rubber: designed to allow for a universal gameplay that can be adapted to any type of player. This variety is characteristically soft.

PRO rubber: used for more specialised, technical StarVie racket models. This variety offers a medium density.

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