This has been Tomoaki Murasawa’s experience in the CAR StarVie

Tomoaki  Murasawa has been the first Japanese player to come to Madrid, in order to train alongside coaches and professional players based at the at the CAR SV (the high-performance centre associated to the brand).
After his week of physical and technical training, Tom explains us that it has been a unique experience for him.


How was the experience at CAR StarVie?

The experience was a great opportunity for me, since the way of training on/off court, is in a different level from what we do in Japan at the moment. I am talking about the knowledge of this sport, technically, tactically and also mentaly.

Of course being able to play and get to know the players is a great experience, but, above that, the chance of being trained by top notch coaches, such as Juan Ma, Geraldo and Alejandro (Physical) was an opportunity that I would not have been able to experience if I didn’t have come to CAR SV.

What did you like the most about training here?

As explained before, the experience with the great coaches was the best asset for me here in the CAR SV. And also, to know the top-level players on and off court.

How has the training with professional players like Javi Garrido, Coki Nireto or Lucas Bergamini been?

I was not able to play with the male top players, since the level between us is too different. But looking at them, how they play and control the ball, “was in a totally different level” (BLOWED MY MIND?) However, training with the female top 30-50th players, such as Ara Martinez, Julia, Helena and Lorena was a good experience, since I could get to know more about how to build the points and I could also see the differences in the level of professional male and female players. It was very good to push myself much more in training, since I had to catch up with them and I didn’t want to lose against them. There was a lot to learn from these players since we are in a similar level, and there were a lot of points that I could learn and connect to my game.

Are there a lot of differences between training in Spain, CAR StarVie, and Japan?

Yes. The training methods and the physical training combined together. The facilities are much more professional, the number of drills etc. The biggest difference, aside from the level of the players, is the amount of padel courts in the premises. The number of coaches also makes a big difference, 1 coach teaches maximum 2 or 3 players on one court most of the time and therefore, they could give specific advice.

Do you think padel has the same relevance in Japan than in Spain?

The level in Japan is far from the one in Spain, but both countries share the desire and enthusiasm to improve.

What has surprised you most this week?

As explained above, the difference in the level of players/coaches and the professionalism of this program has surprised me and has delighted me the most. Also, I was surprised because the players in CAR SV are like a big team. They compete, but they are very good friends and push each other and I thought that there was a very good atmosphere. I am proud that I was able to be in that “family” even if it was for just a week and I hope it continues even after I go back to Japan.

Would you recommend the experience? Why?

Yes and I think it would be good for players even if they are not StarVie players.

It’s all about learning from the great coaches that give you different perspectives in this sport, and you get to play with top level players, which you cannot do in Japan. It is totally worth it.

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