Which StarVie padel racket from the 2020 collection has the greatest control?

Choosing the perfect padel racket is never an easy task. This is why our aim is to solve all the doubts users may have about the playability and characteristics of the StarVie rackets from the 2020 collection—which one has the greatest control, power or ball serve.

In this first post, we will talk about the control of StarVie models, but first we need to know what we understand as “padel racket control” in StarVie.

For us, this is the control of the feeling that the ball conveys to the plane of the racket. It is, therefore, the absorption capacity regarding the impacts it stands. These padel rackets are focused on having a greater control upon the ball, so as to handle it and place it where we want.

In this way, the models that give us the greatest control are those with a round form. This is because of a sweet spot, which can be found in the middle of the plane and provides a greater surface to serve the ball, as well as more comfort in the execution.

You should also consider the composition of the racket, since the greater the density of the EVA rubber is, the harder will the plane of the racket be and the more control it will provide. This is due to a shorter “rebound effect” than in a soft racket, which means the ball sinks less and does not absorb the strength—but it rather offers more precision and power.

In this way, the materials the StarVie padel rackets are made also have a lot to do with their control. There are different types of fibres (carbon, glass, basalt, aluminium, etc.), and each one of them provides a different level of hardness. To this effect, the layers of fibres each racket from the 2020 collection features also bring a greater hardness to the plane.


The Tritón Pro from the 2020 collection provides an optimum control thanks to its medium-density rubber and rough plane—like the Aquila Rocket Pro from the Star Line, which has an extra level of hardness in the plane. Both rackets are perfectly balanced regarding control and power.

One notch below the Pro versions, we find the Metheora and the Raptor, which have round shapes widening the sweet spot of the racket and a rough plane to bring precision during serving.

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