Discover the New Anti Shock Padel Grip Noene Inside StarVie

We are thrilled to introduce the latest technological breakthrough – the new Anti-Shock Padel Grip Noene Inside StarVie in our brand’s Premium  and Universe Line.

Product developed in collaboration with NOENE INSIDE®. This exclusive product for StarVie rackets has the mission of absorbing and protecting from vibrations generated by the impact of the ball with the racket thanks to the composition of the materials it is made of. NOENE® guarantees precision, as well as maximum grip and comfort without altering the feel of the grip. The integration of this advanced system in our Premium and Universe  Line ensures an exceptional gaming experience, combining the premium quality of our padel rackets with maximum protection.


Technical Features of Anti Shock Padel Grip Noene Inside StarVie

  • Absorbs and protects against vibrations up to 96%

It shields against impacts and vibrations up to 96% of the negative energy generated by shocks and vibrations. Its key feature is its viscoelasticity, which gives it the unparalleled ability to absorb and disperse the negative energy from shocks and vibrations.

  • Factory-integrated grip.

The grip is factory-fitted directly on the handle of the racket for a slim and lightweight anti-shock grip.

  • Maximum grip and comfort.

The adherent polyurethane coating ensures a secure grip and high precision.

  • Scientifically proven effectiveness.

NOENE effectiveness has been provenn by scientific studies and lab tests at the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Milan.

The arrival of Noene Inside in the Premium and Universe Line of StarVie marks an exciting moment in the history of padel. This strategic alliance reaffirms our commitment to excellence and technological advancement, enabling each player to experience maximum performance and comfort on the court.

Noene Inside StarVie Kenta Eternal

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