Present our new collection of padel rackets for 2020

StarVie launches its new 2020 collection of padel rackets. The new models developed and produced in its factory in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara), offer the maximum quality, service and guarantee by way of new technologies and materials designed to give the best manageability, durability and comfort.

We have produced the new collection through a meticulous artesanal process, using top quality raw materials to offer a wide range of rackets for every type of player.

Have included two new models the Triton and Basalt that weight the racket more in the head as well as using these new technologies so as to offer innovative and cutting-edge rackets.

The Star Balance technology is a piece designed for the heart of the Triton racket that offers the perfect balance to achieve the best gameplay and the Extreme Spot, new technology that is applied to the frame of the Aquila and Titania rackets that amplifies the sweet spot of the racket. At the same time, they have worked on a new texture for the face of the Triton racket, and given it a longer handle grip, 1 centimetre more than is used on the other models.

The 2020 padel rackets from StarVie are updated in terms of design with new colours, typographs and shapes that reflect a new, modern, fresh collection.

Just like in the last collection, the Triton and Aquila models are like twin-sisters with medium hard density rubber and have the word “Pro” on the side of the racket.

New collection StarVie 2020

2019 Figures StarVie

StarVie closed the year positively with a 15% growth in billing, exceeding beginning of the year forecasts. In this case, 23% of the business comes from the international market. In actual fact the Spanish brand is now present in 30 countries including Sweden, Italy and Mexico who are key players in the global expansion of the brand.

New video from the StarVie collection

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