Padel Racket R 9.1 Carbon Basalt

Without doubt, the padel racket R 9.1 Carbon Basalt from StarVie is one of our most attractive models, not just aesthetically but also it’s composition. The principal characteristic to highlight in this racket is the use of Basalt which gives it the best durability and performance output especially in high temperatures.

Whatsmore the combination of Basalt and carbon fibre provide great ball control without any loss of power. For this reason it’s perfect for those players who wish to balance control and power in any type of shot, however difficult, whilst at the same time maintaining the speed of the ball.

The R 9.1 Carbon Basalt has a round shape and is made of soft EVA rubber, the sweet spot is located in the centre of the head. The star relief detail on the face surface allows the player to execute trickier shots and it’s Flex Control Core lamination (designed by StarVie) offers extra flexion, resistance and durability.

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