Mohammed Saadon Al-Kuwari, new ambassador of the Spanish brand

StarVie puts its trust in Mohammed Saadon Al-Kuwari. The dohano together with Khalid Saadon Al-Kuwari established PadelIn in 2019, in Qatar. It is the largest padel franchise in the Middle East, with a vision to improve and develop padel in the region. Today they have four clubs in Qatar, 1 club in Kuwait and 1 club in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PadelIn and StarVie joined forces 3 years ago, betting on the expansion of this sport in the Middle East. The sport of padel in the Middle East is experiencing fantastic growth in the Arab world with more than 100,000 players in Qatar alone.

Edgar Dorado very positively values the figure of Mohammed as a player in the Middle East, and after the exponential growth of padel through his PadelIn Clubs, which are a great world reference. “We are convinced that this incorporation will be a great step to consolidate the StarVie brand in the Gulf countries“, says the StarVie Corporate Director.


Mohammed, a promising future for StarVie

Mohammed Saadon Al-Kuwari says he is proud of the brand: “I am very happy and excited to start this partnership with StarVie. After many years of being an ambassador for big brands like Vodafone, Audi, Genisis and the Fifa World Cup 2022, the collaboration with the Spanish brand means a lot to me as a padel player and as co-founder of PadelIn, as we started the relationship 3 years ago and had a very good experience with great padel rackets and products“.

After winning the padel gold medal for Qatar at the last Gulf Olympics and after qualifying for the World Cup with Qatar last year, I feel more responsibility to develop the sport in the region and set a good example for the young generation of athletes. With more than 20 years of experience in padel, I am really confident that StarVie will play a big role in this vision,” says Mohammed.

At the same time as this new consolidation project, StarVie and Mohammed Saadon have worked together on the development of an exclusive racket, which will be announced soon.

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