New padel racket Zara Athleticz by StarVie

Zara, the leading Spanish company in the textile sector, continues its expansion strategy in the sports sector by investing in padel, a sport that has a large number of fans and continues to grow in popularity. The company launches together with StarVie a new 100% Made In Spain racket exclusively for the Zara Athleticz collection, available online and in selected stores.

The StarVie racket for Zara Athleticz, 100% Made in Spain, is characterised by its rounded shape, the sweet spot is in the centre of the head, giving greater balance and precision in the shots. It is composed of two layers of 3K carbon that provide the head with greater rigidity, offering the player greater control and power.

This model is perfect for players who are looking for a centrally balanced racket, with a soft feel thanks to its EVA Rubber Soft 30, but also with a touch of stiffness thanks to the roughness of the star-shaped surface motif. Starvie works this rough finish directly from the mould of the racket, which guarantees greater durability and allows for more precise ball spin.

Zara strives to guarantee its customers high quality products through technology and innovation. With this collaboration with StarVie the fashion brand seeks to offer a unique experience, uniting the world of sport and fashion thus creating an exclusive padel racket that perfectly fits the requirements of the most demanding players.



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